Why We Really Do Create Our Own Reality … Eeeeps!

Why We Really Do Create Our Own Reality … Eeeeps!

How many times have you heard words like, ‘You create your own reality’, ‘You are what you think’? I too had heard them many times but didn’t really ‘get’ the importance of them until I learned about the cycle of results that all humans go through whenever something happens to them.

The Cycle Of Results

The Cycle of Results goes like this:

  1. Something happens.
  2. We think about it; ‘What does this mean?’
  3. We have a feeling; ‘How do I feel?’
  4. We do something; ‘How will I behave?’
  5. We get a result. (Which we use the feedback from the next time something happens)

So in any situation when something happens, we think about it and ask ourselves, ‘What does this mean? Once we have worked out what we think it means for us, we ask ourselves, “How do I feel about this?” Then we work out what we are going to do about it and we do it.

Whenever something happens it is meaningless unless and until we put meaning upon it. The same event could be a ‘good’ event for one person and a ‘bad’ event for another person. The difference arises simply due to the thought the person has about the event.

For example: Anna and Bruce are standing on the street when a dog runs out of a nearby house towards them. Anna immediately thinks this is a dangerous situation, places a negative meaning upon it, feels scared and runs away. In doing so, she makes herself an attractive target for the dog to chase and as a result get more scared.

Bruce immediately thinks, “What a lovely looking dog”, places a positive meaning upon the situation, and looks forward to having a pat and a play with the dog. In doing so, he has a positive approach and outcome from the dealing with the dog.

The same situation gives rise to two different results simply because people thought differently.

If we have a positive thought about a situation, we will have a positive emotion which will tend to lead us to take more positive actions and get more positive outcomes.

If we have a negative thought about a situation, we will have a negative emotion which will tend to lead us to take more negative actions and get more negative outcomes.

So the root cause of all our results and outcomes is ultimately the thoughts we have. By changing these thoughts we will change the emotions we experience, the actions we take and the results we get. We will, quite literally, change our lives.