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What is Life Skiller?

Teacher - Life Skiller resources for teachers and counsellors

Life Skiller is a membership site for teachers, counsellors and other people who work with children and teenagers. As a member you get access to all the social, emotional and learning skills resources on the website. You will love how easy it is to find what you are looking for, print and use it.

What Topics Areas Do I Get Access To?

As a member you get access to life skill resources for these 30 topic areas …

Life Skiller - life skills resources for teachers and counsellors and school children and others who provide services for children - assertiveness skills, body image, bullying, chocies, communication, emotional control, emotions, friendship skills, goal setting, inspirational stuff, leadership, learning skills, memory skills, motivation and commitment, presentation skills, problem solving, decision making, refusal skills, peer group pressure, positive thinking, refusal skills, relationships, relaxation, resilience, self-esteem self discovery, stress, study skills, time management skills, teamwork skills, transition to high school, transition to middle school

And the beautiful part for you is that our staff have already used these resources with children and teenagers so you can be comfortable they are engaging, fun, interactive and work.

Teacher with students - Life Skiller - life skill resources for teachers, counsellors and other people working with children and teenagers in schools - social and emotional learning resources

Easy to find, print and use resources for teachers, counsellors and other people working with teenagers and children

What Resources Do What Do I Get For Each Topic Area?

It’s different for each topic area, but as a general rule you will get the following resources:

  • Background Reading – a summary of information and research on the topic
  • Activities – heaps of engaging activities including things such as discussions, role plays, games, physical activities, building challenges, physical challenges, thinking challenges
  • Resources– posters, worksheets, handouts, questionnaires, planners, PowerPoint slides and other stuff
  • Seminars And Lesson Plans – seminar workbooks and PowerPoint slides used by our trainers  as well as some of their lesson plans

All you have to do is find what you want, print, read any supporting information and enjoy.

How Many Resources Will I Have Access To?

You will have access to:

Lady teacher - life skills resources for teachers and counsellors - social and emotional learning resources for children and teenagers in and out of schools

Easy access to hundreds of life skill resources at your fingertips

  • 200+ pages of background information
  • 330+ activities
  • 160+ resources (including study planners, learning style questionnaires, posters, worksheets, handouts, PowerPoint slides and much more)
  • 6 seminars (each valued at $500+)
  • 8 lesson plans
  • 10 PowerPoint presentations … including a couple of fabulous motivational presentations you can have continuously cycling in the background of a classroom

And Growing! Every time our trainers design a new activity or present a new topic, it is added to the resources on this website.

What Age Group Are The Materials Designed For?

Life skills resources for teachers and counsellors for primary school and high school children - social and emotional learning skills resources

Resources cover Grade 4 through Grade 12

The materials are designed for grade 4 through grade 12 students.

Some areas such as ‘body image’ and ‘relationships’ are aimed primarily at upper school students. Other areas such as ‘bullying’ and ‘friendships’ are aimed primarily at lower school students.

Many of the activities and games are used and suitable for both primary and upper school students.

It is usually apparent by the topic heading and the type of activity which age level the resource is appropriate for.

What Does It Cost?

For only $37 value, you get 12 months membership …

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What Other People Have Said About The Resources

You can feel comfortable knowing that these resources are used by our trainers both inside and outside schools.

Here’s what students on our programs have said when asked what they liked … (We have folders full of these so we only picked a few) …

Because we’re always looking to improve, we asked students what we could do to improve … This is what they told us …

And here’s what some teachers have said:

“Dear Petris, Thank you so much for the course. I have used one of the techniques you taught me so often … what a wonderful technique. It has really helped me to feel better when facing every day challenges in the classroom.”

Jenny Primary School Teacher Queensland

“Dear Petris, Thank you Thank you Thank you so much for coming to teach our students. They loved the course and so did we. Only wish we had been able to do something like that when we were children.”

Katrina Primary School Teacher Queensland

 “Dear Petris, On behalf of all the Grade 5 Teachers we would like to thank you for the wonderful course. We always talk about including more values driven content in the curriculum but never get around to doing it. You showed us how to do it in a fun way and we’re sure the parents will also learn from the booklets you gave to them. Thank you.”

Mary Primary School Teacher Queensland

 “The Year 7 students are still talking about their day last Thursday. On Friday we met together to have a brief chat and the excitement was still evident.”

Marie – Year 7 Teacher

As a Life Skiller member, you get access to the same resources we use on the programmes we run both in and out of schools. These programmes are run under the banner of Extollo.

Sounds Great How Do I Join?

Joining is as simple as clicking the box below. Alternatively, you are welcome to print off an Order Form and we will email the invoice and membership details to you.

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Our 100% Zero Risk Guarantee …

Just in case you’re not 100% sure if you are making the right decision, we will take 100% of the risk away from you and put it ALL on our shoulders. How can we do this? Simple. Here’s our Zero Risk Guarantee.

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Petris Lapis, Director Petris Lapis Pty Ltd

Petris Lapis, Director Petris Lapis Pty Ltd

We trust you will love using the resources and enjoy seeing the same memorable changes in students that we have.

Warmest wishes

Petris Lapis, Director, Petris Lapis Pty Ltd