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Why Accepting Responsibility For Your Life Is Healthy For You

There is a little known formula for self esteem which goes like this: Accepting Responsibility = Control = Ability To Change = Better Self-Esteem Conversely: Not Accepting Responsibility = No Control = Won’t Make Change = Low Self-Esteem Accepting responsibility for what occurs in your life also means that you believe you are in control […]

How Playing Sport Affects Graduate Employability

Just read some interesting research, “The Impact of Engagement in Sport on Graduate Employability’ by Kerry Allen, Steve Bullough, Doug Cole, Sion Shibli and Jayne Wilson from Sheffield Hallam University. It was published on 28 June 2013. Although most of your ‘client’s are years from becoming University graduates, some of the habits they form in […]

The King Has Difficulties … And Learns A Lesson

The King Who Found It Easier To Keep His Difficulties Close There is a story told of a king who had three sons. The first was handsome and very popular. When he was 21, his father built him a palace in the city in which to live. The second son was intelligent and also very […]

Why Do We Make The Big Choices We Do?

The Big Choices Life is a series of choices. Each one we make forges our life path. Where we are now is a result of the choices we have made in the past and our life tomorrow will be a result of the choices we make from today. I was talking about this issue with […]

Friendship – Please Do – Please Do Not

Friendship Do’s and Don’ts Last week I ran a session on relationships with teenagers and I asked them two things: 1. What are the golden rules of friendship? 2. What are the things it is hardest to forgive in a friendship? Here’s what they had to say … THE GOLDEN RULES OF FRIENDSHIP THE HARDEST […]

Teenage Friendship Rules By Teen Girls

Teenage Friendship Rules by Teen Girls Our teen years are often the toughest of our lives when it comes to the whole ‘friendship stuff’. Here are the golden rules of friendship (and the things it is hardest to forgive) from some wonderful teenage girls …