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Can You Change Reality?

What Is Reality And Can It Be Changed? “This is what really happened.” “Get a grip on reality.” “This IS my reality.” Statements like these give rise to the question, “What is reality?” The answer to that question comes from the human brain and how it operates. Fortunately for us, the very way it operates […]

Self Help: Changing Unhelpful Unconscious Strategies

Your Unconscious Although the exact percentage of your mind that is attributable to the unconscious is open to dispute, researchers agree that the unconscious mind has a far greater capacity than the conscious mind. It is also understood that your unconscious mind is also responsible for many of your beliefs, thoughts, behaviours, patterns and actions. […]

Are Relationships Meant To Make You Happy?

Are Relationships Meant To Make You Happy? Wouldn’t it be nice if your relationships with others existed solely to help you be happy, to meet your needs and to keep you safe? It is a fantasy land that few of us live in. Why is that? It appears to me that the whole point of […]

14 Simple Things You Can Do To Lead A Life Of Meaning And Purpose

Here are 14 simple things you can do to lead a magnificent of personal growth filled with meaning and purpose: Always be ruthlessly honest with yourself. Have the courage to step beyond fear. Understand that nothing you learn about yourself can hurt you. Be prepared to change. Journey on the high road not the more […]

What It Will Take For You To Make Positive Change In Your Life

One cold winter’s day, a student told his teacher he had found harmony and therefore would not be making any further changes in life. She smiled and said, “The still and calm pond appears harmonious until its very stillness results in stagnation. It is the rhythm, the bubble and the sparkle of the stream that […]

Why We Really Do Create Our Own Reality … Eeeeps!

How many times have you heard words like, ‘You create your own reality’, ‘You are what you think’? I too had heard them many times but didn’t really ‘get’ the importance of them until I learned about the cycle of results that all humans go through whenever something happens to them. The Cycle Of Results […]

The Confidence ‘What If’?

This Friday as we all look forward to a wonderful weekend, I am going to finish the week with some questions on how big a difference an increase in confidence would make to the people of the world … What if everyone felt confident they could succeed? How different would the world look? What if […]

The Powerful Force of Positive Thinking

Thinking more positively is one of the most valuable things a person can do to improve their life. When you think more positively, you feel better emotionally which in turns makes you feel more confident about taking positive actions to bring about better results in your life. Researchers have consistently found that people with high […]

The Most Precious Gift We Can Give

If you could leave your child with only one gift, what would you leave? Would you choose money, possessions, health, fitness, friends, a house … or would it be better to ensure they had healthy self esteem and a belief in themselves … so they could get these things for themselves? Every time I would […]